Centre Pompidou’s and Dont’s

Exterior of the Pompidou Center, France as it readies for renovation.

Reminiscing about a fantastic visit in Summer 2019 to one of Paris’ great (and controversial) museums leads to one suggestion – Do go if you can! Plus one don’t –Don’t plan on going from 2023 – 2026 when Centre George Pompidou will be closed for a three-year, quarter of a billion dollar renovation.

Centre George Pompidou

If you’d like some good background information, as well as to get up to speed on the history and controversy of the Centre, read this. During my first ever trip to Paris last summer, the Pompidou was high on my list. And it didn’t disappoint. On top of the world class exhibitions and holdings, there is a great rooftop restaurant with some of the best view of Paris I found during my entire stay.

I needed a wall to prop myself up after a delicious gourmet lunch which included more incredible views.

Man standing next to undulating wall at Centre George Pompidou.

And onward to the spaces, which sprawled over three floors, and provided nice breathing room for the viewer experience.

And some of the “stuff”…yeah, some incredibly good stuff!


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