Collector Series – Tips for Novice Collectors

Whether you’re an aspiring collector who has yet to purchase your first work of art, or a seasoned collector interested in reminders about the core principles of collecting fine art, our Collector Series: Tips for Novice Collectors videos will be worth your while. Our first video, “Collecting 101” covers the foundational basics of collecting art utilizing three tips.

Tip #1: At its very core, collecting art is about finding your passion. Learning what sort of art makes you feel tingly? What sort of art you find yourself dreaming about. Every collector has a voice inside which will help navigate them to the collection meant for them. This instinct, internal tuning fork, “gut feeling” – call it what you wish – is an inner curator advising you to collect the art which will make your heart sing.

Tip #2: Once you’ve found the styles, periods, movements and artists who make you feel enthused, it’s time to train your eye by looking, looking, and looking more. In person – at galleries, art fairs, museums, auctions or art and antique shows. Analog – in magazines, monographs, and art books. And digitally – online at museums, galleries, and auction sites.  This educational process is ongoing, and will never be complete for a true collector. It is part and parcel to “the thrill of the chase” in building the right collection for YOU.

Tip #3: Build relationships. Find the galleries and dealers whom you can trust. What is their experience, reputation, longevity as a business, and unique “style”. Ultimately you want to feel confidant and comfortable with the people and firms who will be joining you as you embark on your collecting journey.

We hope you’ll find our Tips for Novice Collectors useful. Please check back for the additional videos in this series.

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