Another Upstate Gem

Image of the exterior entrance to the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester.

If you ever find yourself near the Flower City of Rochester, NY, then a stop at the Memorial Art Gallery at University of Rochester is well worth the trip. Greatness sometimes comes in small yet mighty packages. Plus you won’t be stumbling over hordes of shuffling art sheep as you enjoy spending quality time viewing major works by major artists. Win-Win!

Being propped up by epic Tom Otterness sculpture “Creation Myth” (2012).

The following images create a patchwork quilt of what resonated with me on this particular visit. Some really stellar examples are there for your quiet contemplation.

A picture tells a thousand words, and I hope this post makes you say to yourself, “Hmmm, I think I’ll visit the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester!”. I’m confident in saying you’ll be glad you did!

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