Brooding Brangwyn in Bruge

Recap/throwback to Summer 2018 in Belgium where I visited an exceptional small exhibit by an under-appreciated and misunderstood art world giant: Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956).

Born in Bruge, Brangwyn was an artistic jack of all trades: painter, muralist, ceramist, stain glass artist, lithographer, book illustrator, furniture and interior designer. His paintings are what separates this self-taught artist from the pack. Intense, colorful, moody and insightfully psychological, their impact is undeniable on viewers. Not knowing there was an exhibition when a family trip took us to the delightful, ancient and historically important city, it was an unexpected treat to see work of their native son.

I was one of three persons in the elegant townhouse turned museum Arentshuis – and my short visit provided long rewards. Hats off to you, Mr. Brangwyn. You dazzled my eyes and showed me insights on humanity through yours.

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